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Autostainer rentals

Considerations when renting a autostainer

In the laboratory, you may need to stain slides for microscope for a number of different reasons. There are a wide variety of different stains that serve different purposes. For example, iodine can stain carbohydrates in plant and animal specimens a brown color or a blue-black color. Wright’s stain is used to stain red blood cells a pinkish red color, and crystal violet can stain bacteria purple. These are just a few of the different samples of stains used in labs.

In the past, it would be necessary to do this manually. Naturally, this would take up a substantial amount of time that most people would rather spend working on other projects in the lab.

Features of autostainers

There are many different brands and models on the market today, but they all work in a very similar fashion. The exact controls and layout will be slightly different from one model and brand to another, but there are enough similarities that familiarity with one should translate to the others. Some of the devices available allow you to stain well over 100 slides per day.

Choosing the Autostainer
Before you rent or lease one of these devices, you have to make sure that it is capable of meeting your expectations and needs. Needs to be able to keep up with your demand for slight staining. If you have a very large lab and a number of people who will be utilizing the device, you might find that having more than one is a good option. However, some of the larger models have a high-capacity, so they are able to stain a large number of slides each day.

In addition to the number of slides that the device is capable of staining per day, it is also important to think about the device’s footprint. You need to make sure that it is going to be small enough to fit in the space that you have available when you factor in all the other equipment you have that you will be getting.

It is also a good idea to look in the various features that are on each of the different machines. You might find that some are better suited for your lab and your projects than others are.

Autostainer Manufacturers

You can find a number of different devices on the market today for autostaining. Some of the popular manufacturers of this type of equipment include Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific, and Siemens.

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