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3D Bioprinter rentals

Considerations when renting a 3d bioprinter

3D printing is quickly helping to change many aspects of the world we know, including the field of medical research. The rise of 3D bioprinters, first created by a company in San Diego called Organovo, has helped to push the field of transplants and regenerative medicine forward.

Features of 3d bioprinters

These printers are costly pieces of technology, so renting makes more sense than buying. When you are choosing a printer, make sure you consider the size of the printer and the amount of space that you have, as well as the type of work you will be doing with it.

How 3d bioprinters work

The stem cells are taken from a patient’s biopsy and are then put into a growth medium so they can multiply. This will create a bioink made up of cell aggregates. This bioink is then put into cartridges with a needed extension for the printing. The machine has software that tells the printer to drop the cell aggregates into layers, which are interspersed with hydrogel. The tissue that is then printed will be able to grow and then the hydrogel is removed. It is then possible to use the printed biological matter in research, or as a transplant.

While the technology is still young, the promise of the future is very exciting. In time, it may be possible to regrow and transplant healthy organs. Researchers in the field may want to have their own 3d bioprinter to help with the research.

3D Bioprinter Applications

3D bioprinters will create biological constructs that can be used for various purposes in the lab. They have been used to help further research in a number of different areas, most notably in the medical field. Printers are capable of printing skin tissue, blood vessels, heart tissue, organs and other soft tissue, as well as bones. The goal is to create elements that could be used for transplants and surgical therapy. While the technology is still relatively new, it will one day help to create full human organs that can be used for transplants and for drug research.

3D Bioprinter Manufacturers

Some of the companies that make these machines today include Organovo, RegenHU, and Bio3D.

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