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Cutter Implement rentals

Considerations when renting a cutter implement

Since rotary cutters come in a large variety of widths and cutting heights you should determine these factors for your worksite before renting from the KWIPPED network of suppliers.  Most come with standard hitches, but be sure you have a tractor that can pull the cutter.

Features of cutter implements

Rotary cutters have thick blades, a hitch, varying horsepower, and adjustable cutting heights.  They also have heavy chains or rubber flaps on the edges to prevent cut debris from flying out from under the cutter.

How cutter implements work

Unlike a lawn mower, which has sharp blades, the blades on a rotary cutter are thicker and duller.  They use centrifugal force and high torque to rip through thicker brush and bounce of hidden stumps and obstacles.  Sharp blades would get caught in the tougher brush.  The rotary cutter is attached to the rear of a tractor and pulled over the terrain to be cleared.

About cutter implements

Cutter implements are attached to the rear of a tractor and used to cut grass and brush.  They can cut through thicker material than a traditional mower and come in a wide variety of sizes.  Cutter implements are also known as rotary cutters, rotary mowers, or brush hogs.

Cutter Implement Applications

  • Landscaping
  • Brush clearing
  • Lawn maintenance

Cutter Implement Manufacturers

  • Howse
  • Land Pride
  • Bobcat
  • Frontier
  • John Deere
  • King Kutter
  • Servis-Rhino
  • Bush Hog

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