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Rent, Lease or Finance Compact Utility Tractors

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Compact Utility Tractor rentals

Considerations when renting a compact utility tractor

When renting a compact utility tractor from the KWIPPED network of suppliers you will have plenty of options.  Decide which attachments you need and how much horsepower will be appropriate for your worksite and project.  Other amenities like the enclosed cab or cruise control may also appeal to you.

Features of compact utility tractors

Compact utility tractors have an engine and large wheels and tires.  The horsepower available varies widely with models available with anywhere from 20hp to 90hp.  They will all have 4-wheel drive.  The operator sits on the tractor in either an open or enclosed cab.  The many available attachments are operated with controls within the operator’s reach when seated in the cab.

How compact utility tractors work

The tractor has a diesel engine and hydraulic attachment capabilities.  The operator chooses an appropriate implement for their project and attaches it to the front or back of the compact utility tractor.  There are many attachments available from buckets and scoops to plows and tillers.  Many smaller compact utility tractors also come with detachable mower decks.

About compact utility tractors

Compact utility tractors are smaller in size, but have the same functions as full-size tractors.  They are used in tighter spaces in worksites or for smaller projects.  Their features are very customizable so a compact utility tractor will fit many people’s needs.

Compact Utility Tractor Applications

  • Mowing
  • Digging
  • Building
  • Tilling
  • Hauling

Compact Utility Tractor Manufacturers

  • John Deere
  • Kioti
  • Kubota
  • Massey Ferguson

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