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Augers & Post Hole Digger rentals

Considerations when renting a augers & post hole digger

Before renting an auger and posthole digger you should be sure to determine the characteristics of the ground you are digging and the hole sizes you need to dig.  This information will help you rent or lease the right size equipment.  Make sure that your rented equipment will mount onto your tractor; you may need to rent or lease a tractor as well.

Features of augers & post hole diggers

The posthole digger you rent or lease from the KWIPPED network of suppliers will have a mounting mechanism appropriate for your tractor or other vehicle and an attached auger.  Augers are available with different lengths and flight sizes depending on your needs.

How augers & post hole diggers work

Posthole diggers are attached to tractors, front-end loaders, skid steers, backhoes, or excavators.  They are operated with either hydraulics or PTO power from the machine they are attached onto.  The posthole digger drives an auger into the ground like a drill.  The size of the hole created depends on the size of the auger and the available torque from the tractor, posthole digger, and auger setup.

About augers & post hole diggers

Auger and posthole digger combinations are used to dig holes for a variety of reasons on farms and construction sites.  The auger looks like a large drill bit and is screwed into the ground by the posthole digger to create a hole. 

Augers & Post Hole Digger Applications


Augers & Post Hole Digger Manufacturers

Land Pride
John Deere

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