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Turbidity Meter rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a turbidity meter
Both portable and tabletop varieties of turbidity meters are available.  If you have more than one project location you may find it useful to rent or lease a tabletop and leave it in your laboratory, you could bring the samples from several locations there for testing.  Different units are calibrated to detect different levels of turbidity so be sure the meter you rent or lease is suitable for your needs.
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Hach 2100Q Portable Water Turbidity Meter

Range: 0 to 1000 NTU Resolution 0.01 on lowest range Meets EPA Method 180.1 and ISO 7027 determinations of turbidity by nephelometry Up to 500 measurements automatically stored including: dat ...
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LaMotte 2020we Portable Turbidity Meter

2020we Portable Turbidity Meter complies with USEPA 180.1 Standard The multi-detector optical configuration assures long term stability and minimizes stray light and color interferences. Allturb ...
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HF Scientific MicroTPW Field Portable Turbidimeter

Designed to provide the ease of portability needed in the field with rugged durability, the MicroTPW is a necessity for anyone monitoring turbidity on the go.  The shock-resistant carrying case h ...
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Lamotte 2020we/2020e Turbidimeter

Industry-leading precision, sensitivity, and dependability in one of the most innovative handheld meters available on the market. Key Features Waterproof to IP67 Lithium ion rechargeable ba ...
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Hach 2100Q Turbidimeter

The Hach 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter offers unsurpassed ease of use and accuracy in turbidity measurement. Features assisted calibration and simplified data transfer, and measurement innovation, givin ...
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Features of turbidity meters

The turbidity meter you rent or lease from the KWIPPED network of suppliers will have a sample port, a light source, sensors, a data display screen, and the electronics necessary to convert the data from the sensor into displayable units.  Most turbidity meters available will display in NTUs – nephelometric turbidity units – as designated by the EPA.

How turbidity meters work

A sample of the water to be tested is gathered into a small test tube.  This is placed into the turbidity meter, a light is shone through, and sensors on the sides measure the amount of light scattered by the particles.  The light source can be infrared or white light and the sensors are frequently found at a 90-degree angle to the light source.

About turbidity meters

Turbidity is the measure of water clarity or cloudiness through the measurement of its light scattering properties.  Cloudy or hazy water is caused by particles suspended in the water; dirt, soil, or other organic compounds frequently cause this.  They can also be called turbidimeters and are a specific category of nephelometers.

Turbidity Meter Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Water Quality Control
  • Aquatic Sciences

Turbidity Meter Manufacturers

  • Hach
  • Hanna Instruments
  • Oakton
  • Extech
  • Horiba

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