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Surface Water Flow Meter rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a surface water flow meter
When renting a surface water flow meter it is best to determine the area of the moving water you would like to measure.  This will allow your KWIPPED network supplier to assist you in renting the appropriate size probe and propeller for your meter.  You should also consider whether a hand-held model would serve your needs of if you would like a more permanent, installable meter.
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Hach FH950 Flow and Depth Meter, 20 ft Cable

The lightweight, battery-powered FH950 Velocity & Depth Flow Meter was designed to provide accurate velocity and depth measurements while simplifying the entire measurement process in rugged field ...
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Isco 750 Area Velocity Flow Module

The sensor on the 750 module uses patented Doppler technology to directly measure average velocity in the flow stream. An integral pressure transducer measures liquid depth to determine flow area. The ...
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Isco 730 Bubbler Flow Module

Isco 730 Bubbler Flow Modules use an internal air compressor to force a metered amount of air through a bubble line submerged in the flow channel. By measuring the pressure needed to force air bubbles ...
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Global Water FP201 Flow Probe

FEATURES: Easy flow monitoring Digital display in ft/sec or m/sec Lightweight, rugged, and reliable Highly accurate Used by water professionals worldwide since 1990 Debris shedding tur ...
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Features of surface water flow meters

Most renters will use a surface water flow meter that uses velocity and area to calculate the flow.  A probe with the propeller is inserted into the moving water.  A display unit shows the velocity of the water in cubic meters or liters.

How surface water flow meters work

In order to determine the surface water flow you must calculate the velocity and cross-sectional area.  The area can be measured by calculating the depth and width of the water.  Velocity is measured with a current meter, which uses a propeller that is turned by the current to calculate the speed of the water.  Another option for calculating surface water flow is to use a weir.  The weir is used to control the flow of water.  A v-shaped cut in the weir allows the water through.  The height of the water flow at the deepest part of the v-shaped cutout is used to calculate the flow of the surface water.

About surface water flow meters

The water on the surface of the earth in rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans is called surface water.  The movement of this water is referred to as surface water flow.  Flow is measured for water quality monitoring, in determining the supply available for use, or to check the amount of water moving through a specific area.

Surface Water Flow Meter Applications

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Biology
  • Pollution control
  • Water supply
  • Forestry

Surface Water Flow Meter Manufacturers

  • Extech
  • Dwyer
  • Omega
  • Ben Meadows

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