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Soil Vapor Extractor rentals

Considerations when renting a soil vapor extractor

When you are renting a soil vapor extractor, consider what features it offers, and how it is going to integrate with the other parts of your system. Make sure to choose a high quality manufacturer, and consider adding some other types of remediation equipment to ensure compliance for your entire operation.

Features of soil vapor extractors

While different machines may have some different features, they tend to have many of the same elements. A typical SVE will include vacuum blowers, a knockout tank, air filters, silencers, blowers, package skids, control panels and transfer pumps. Some may also include vapor phase carbon vessels as a means to help treat the collected contaminated vapors. It's usually possible to mount these machines on skids, trailers, open and closed containers, and in sheds.

How soil vapor extractors work

It is important to keep in mind that a number of different factors will determine how effective this type of treatment actually is. These include the permeability of the soil, the structure and stratification of the soil, moisture levels, and the depth of the groundwater. The techniques used by the soil vapor extractors cause the contaminants to enter a vapor phase, and then remove the vapor through the extraction wells on the machine. It's easy to see how the above factors will play a part in the success of the machine. Many different operations will find that the soil vapor extractors can be a huge benefit.

About soil vapor extractors

Soil vapor extraction, or SVE, is a type of remediation treatment to help remove volatile contaminants from unsaturated soils, also called vadose zone soils. The goal of the system is to vaporize the contaminants that are in the soil, which helps them to separate from the ground. At that point, the device will extract the contaminants, which are now in vapor form. It has the potential to make removing contaminants relatively easy, but there are a number of things to consider when using these types of machines, as you will see in the next section.

Soil Vapor Extractor Applications

  • Soil remediation
  • Gas and oil industry
  • Chemical industry

Soil Vapor Extractor Manufacturers

  • Hitemp Technology Corp.
  • H2K Technologies, Inc.
  • ComEnCo Systems, Inc.
  • Universal Blower Pac, Inc.
  • Mako Industries
  • Wintek Corporation
  • INOHVA Pneumatics

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