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Considerations when renting or leasing a particulate sampler
Particulate samplers come in a variety of sizes.  Smaller sizes are for personal space sampling and larger, non-portable sizes are available for area testing.  Some models of particulate samplers are made for specifically indoor or outdoor sampling.  Speak with your KWIPPED network supplier to determine the size and type of sampler that is right for your space.
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Zefon Bio-Pump Plus Airborne Particulate Sampling Pump

The Zefon Bio-Pump Plus is used for the detection of airborne biological and non-biological particulates, such as mold, asbestos, and ash. With the use of the programmable timer, you can set the pump ...
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TSI 4146 Primary Air Flow Calibrator for 0.01 to 20 LPM

The accuracy of a sampling pump depends on two things: (1) how much air passes through the sampling media and (2) good laboratory analysis. As a common practice, sampling pumps should be calibrated be ...
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SKC AirChek XR5000 Intrinsically Safe Personal Air Samping Pump

The SKC AirChek® XR5000 personal air sampling pump provides powerful flows for particulate sampling, low flows for gas and vapor sampling, and the long run-times for low-concentration sampling. Th ...
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TSI 4046 Primary Air Flow Calibrator for 2.5 to 300 LPM

The accuracy of a sampling pump depends on two things: (1) how much air passes through the sampling media and (2) good laboratory analysis. As a common practice, sampling pumps should be calibrated be ...
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Sensidyne Gilian 12 Personal Air Sampling Pump for High Flow Applications

The Gilian 12 personal air sampling pump is specifically designed for powerful, high flow applications, with a flow range between 4 and 12 LPM. When used with a cyclone accessory, the Gilian 12 is the ...
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Engineering Solutions Omniguard 5 Clean Room Monitoring Kit

The Omniguard 5 is used to monitor and document vacuum and pressure in clean room monitoring, or in a containment area for asbestos, lead and mold abatement. Pressure readings are time-stamped and log ...
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Sensidyne GK2.69 Aluminum Cyclone for 37mm Casettes

If you're using a Gilian high flow personal sampling pump to monitor for crystalline silica exposure, include the GK2.69 cyclone in your rental. The GK 2.69 respirable dust cyclone operates at 4.2 ...
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Bios Defender 520M Volumetric Primary Flow Calibration Standards

The BIOS Defender is a high accuracy primary liquid-free gas flow calibration standard that doesnメt require the use of bubbles or other liquids. Pushbutton operation and an intuitive user interface ...
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Sensidyne Gilian GilAir-5 Constant Air Flow Sampling Pump

The Gilian GilAir-5 constant flow sampling pump provides industrial hygienists and safety managers with a dynamic air sampling system. This 3-in-1 air flow pump performs filter cassette, single and mu ...
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Allegro 9801-88 T-101 High Volume Area Air Sampling Pump

Allegroメs 9801 high volume sampling pump measures 0 to 30 liters per minute to meet OSHA and AHERA standards for environmental air sampling. Its oil-free, rotary vane pump provides pulse-free, conti ...
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Sensidyne Gilian GilAir Plus Personal 5-Liter Universal Air Sampling Pump

The Sensidyne Gilian GilAir Plus universal air sampling pump performs both high-flow and low-flow constant pressure and constant flow without the need for external adapters. The pump's wide dynami ...
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Sensidyne Gilian 10i Personal Air Sampling Pump for High Flow Applications

The Sensidyne's Gilian 10i personal sampling pump is designed specifically for use in applications with high flow rates. Its four-stage program with repeat cycling and programmable delayed start l ...
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Features of particulate samplers

Particulate samplers will have an intake valve, a method of filtering and measuring, and a data display.  They will also need to be connected to a power source or have batteries.  The data collected can be displayed or stored depending on your needs and the model of particulate sampler being used. 

How particulate samplers work

Particulate samplers draw in an air sample, collect the particulates on a filter, then measure and compare before and after readings to calculate the mass concentration in the sample.  There are several types of filters and measuring methods used in particulate sampling.
Manual – a known volume of air is drawn through a filter, the weight of the filter before and after collection of the particulates in the air sample are calculated and compared to the volume of air to get the mass concentration.
Beta gauge – an air sample is drawn in and the particulates are collected on a rotating tape, beta rays are sent through the tape both with and without particulates, a comparison of the absorption rate of the beta rays provides the mass concentration of particulates in the sample.
Tapered element oscillating microbalance (TEOM) – air sample is drawn through a filter and into a glass tube, an electric current is used to create oscillation of the tube, the resonant frequency of the tube is proportional to the mass of particulates on the filter.

About particulate samplers

Microscopic liquid and solid particles in the air and atmosphere are called particulates.  Some can be dangerous to humans and high concentrations are less than ideal.  Particulate samplers are used to measure the amount of particulates in the air.  These are frequently used in industrial settings to protect the safety of the workers.

Particulate Sampler Applications

  • Pollution monitoring
  • Industry
  • Engineering
  • Environmental science

Particulate Sampler Manufacturers

  • Concept Controls
  • Hi-Q
  • SKC, Inc.
  • Thermo Scientific

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