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Organic Vapor Analyzer rentals

Considerations when renting a organic vapor analyzer
The organic vapor analyzer that you rent will be determined by the location of your testing, the amount of testing, and data retrieval that you need to perform.  Your KWIPPED network supplier will assist you in choosing the correct type for your needs.
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Thermo TVA 1000B Gas Monitor

TVA1000B monitors and logs organic and inorganic vapors simultaneously.A benchmark for experience and reliability in Fugitive Emissions Monitoring, the TVA1000B is the only intrinsically safe, dual PI ...
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Thermo Scientific TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer

Quickly detect organic and inorganic compounds in demanding applications such as Method 21 monitoring and site remediation with this lightweight, intrinsically safe portable detector. The Thermo Scien ...
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Features of organic vapor analyzers

Each organic vapor analyzer will have an intake, sensor/detector, output, and display unit. 
Many analyzers are portable, while others are stationary.  Organic vapor analyzers that can be mounted in one location are also available.

How organic vapor analyzers work

All organic vapor analyzers draw air in, test it for organic compounds, and release the air again.  There are several types that each uses a different method for testing the air sample.
  • Photoionization detector (PID) – please see the PID page under Environmental Test Equipment on this site for a description of how PIDs work..
  • Flame ionization detector (FID) – please see the FID page under Environmental Test Equipment on this site for a description of how FIDs work.
  • Catalytic bead detectors – two metal coils are heated up to cause combustion, the temperature and rate of this process are used to determine the amount of organic matter in the gas.
  • Sorbent tube detectors – glass tubes are filled with an absorbent solid, such as charcoal, which collects the gas, it is then transported, extracted and tested.

About organic vapor analyzers

Organic Vapor Analyzers (OVAs) are used for detecting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for pollution control, ground-water remediation, water and wastewater treatment, environmental assessment, occupational health and safety, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, hydrocarbon detection and chemical remediation.

Organic Vapor Analyzer Applications

  • Industry
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Workplace monitoring

Organic Vapor Analyzer Manufacturers

  • Draeger
  • Photovac
  • Scott Instruments
  • Thermo Foxboro

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