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Natural Gas Meter rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a natural gas meter
Not all types of meters are capable of calculating the same size volume of natural gas.  Your KWIPPED network supplier will help you determine the best meter for your usage.  The type of display you choose will depend on what you need to do with the data.  Some natural gas meters are available with computer connections so you can store your readings.
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2B Technologies POM Personal Ozone Monitor

The 2B Technologies POM is a compact portable UV-based ozone monitor, designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) for ozone. It was designed for a varie ...
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Landtec GEM 5000 ​Landfill Gas Monitors

The GEM5000 is the next generation in the GEM Series of LANDTEC instruments for accurate measurement and monitoring on landfills Key Features Measures % CH4, CO2 and O2 Volume, static pressure ...
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Landtec GEM 2000 Landfill Gas Analyzer

The GEM 2000 puts the best of the GEM 500 gas extraction monitor and the GA 90 infrared landfill gas analyzer into a faster, more accurate instrument. Designed specifically to monitor landfill gas ext ...
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Features of natural gas meters

All natural gas meters will have an intake valve, the meter itself, a display, and an exit valve.  Digital and clock-like displays are available.  Most meters also come within a casing that helps protect the meter from outside elements.

How natural gas meters work

There are many types of natural gas meters.  All of the meters work by drawing the gas through the meter and releasing it out of the other side after measuring the volume.  The following is a list of the most common types of natural gas meters and how they work.
  • Diaphragm – two or more chambers are separated by a movable diaphragm, the chambers alternately fill and expel gas, a crank arm attached to the diaphragm is used to measure its movement, this measurement is used to calculate the volume of gas.
  • Rotary – two figure-eight shaped rotors push gas through the meter, cranks attached to the rotors measure their movement, this measurement is used to calculate the volume of gas.
  • Turbine – the speed of the gas is used to calculate the volume.
  • Orifice – an orifice in a straight pipe is used to create a pressure drop, the pressure of the gas before and after the orifice is used to calculate the volume.
  • Ultrasonic flow – measures the speed of sound through the gas within a pipe, this measurement is used to calculate the volume of gas.

About natural gas meters

Natural gas meters measure the volume of gas moving through a pipeline.  These are frequently seen on residential homes and businesses.  Since the volume of a gas is affected by the temperature and pressure the meter regulates these effects to measure the volume accurately.

Natural Gas Meter Applications

  • Utilities
  • Industry
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing

Natural Gas Meter Manufacturers

  • Elster
  • Itron
  • Norgas
  • Sensus
  • Sage Metering

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