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Considerations when renting or leasing a inspection camera
When there are blockages in the pipes, the main line, or for other pipes that are underground and difficult to get to, working with inspection cameras is the best course of action. These cameras are waterproof and highly durable.
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Laval Underground R-CAM 1000 Borehole Video

The R-CAM 1000 System combines all the features of a full, professional system with breakthrough affordability and the quality you’d expect from the industry’s pioneer & leader in down ...
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Wohler VIS 350 w/ Pan and Tilt Camera Head 100 Feet

Overview The Wöhler VIS 350 Push Camera Inspection System helps users analyze and inspect internal pipe damage and corrosion. With a variety of applications, inspectors can use the VIS 350 ...
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Features of inspection cameras

The cameras that are available on the consumer market tend to offer fewer features, and less length, than the professional level inspection cameras you can rent. You need to make sure that the camera you choose is capable of exploring every inch of the pipe. You also want to make sure it is easy to use and control. The picture quality provided by the camera, which it sends back to the system monitor, also needs to be decent, so you can actually see what problems are in the pipe and then take the appropriate action.

How inspection cameras work

The device has a camera attached to a long and flexible line, which the user can then feed into the pipes. These devices may have a light at the end of the line along with the camera, and many of the top brands have infrared. This allows the user to see everything that is occurring in the pipe, so they can get a better idea of what is causing the blockage and how to remove it.

The camera feeds the image back to a monitor. The user can watch the image on the screen to help them maneuver the camera in the pipe, and they can use it to determine what is causing the issue. Since these cameras are waterproof, you can use them in lines still filled with water.

In some cases, the user will not be able to get the camera past the blockage in the line. They will remove the camera, remove the blockage that they can see, if possible, and then continue with the inspection by placing the camera back in the pipe.

Inspection Camera Manufacturers

There are many companies offering various types of inspection cameras that you can use for plumbing and well as other applications. Some of the popular brands include Forbest, Fluke, and Fiberscope.

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