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Air Quality Meter rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a air quality meter
Since there are a wide variety of sensors available with air quality meters, the first step in renting a meter is to determine what you need to measure.  Air quality meters can measure gases and airborne particles.  Be sure to consider what you need to do with the data once you have gathered it, this will inform you of your data storage needs.
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Fluke 971 Temperature and Humidity Meter

Temperature and humidity are two important factors in maintaining optimal comfort levels and good indoor air quality. Quickly and conveniently take accurate humidity and temperature readings with the ...
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TSI IAQ-Calc 7545 Multiparameter Datalogging Indoor Air Quality Meter

Handheld IAQ meters can be used for both walk-through survey and long-term IAQ tests. When your job involves keeping energy costs at a minimum while keeping workers healthy and comfortable, the TSI IA ...
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TSI 982 Indoor Air Quality Probe

Indoor air quality probe for use with TSI VelociCalc and Q-Trak digital multiparameter IAQ and ventilation test meters. Carbon Monoxide: Range: 0 to 500 PPM; Accuracy: Greater of ±3% of rea ...
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TSI Q-Trak 7565 Datalogging Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Good air quality increases worker concentration and productivity, and can help reduce lost days due to employee absences. Use the handheld TSI Q-Trak to ensure optimal indoor air quality and HVAC effi ...
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TSI Q-Trak 7575 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Providing a comfortable, safe and healthy indoor environment is an increasingly important concern. Good air quality increases concentration and productivity. It can also reduce lost days due to absenc ...
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RAE MiniRAE Lite VOC Monitor

The MiniRAE Lite hand-held monitor for VOCs provides superior reliability for leak detection and environmental cleanup and remediation. With a photoionization detector that measures from 0-5,000 ppm, ...
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Features of air quality meters

Air quality meters have two main features, the sensors and the display.  Some units are only capable of measuring the presence of one gas, usually carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.  Other units contain multiple sensors and display more than one reading at a time.  Many outdoor air quality meters have interchangeable sensors since there are many possible air pollutants.  Some models have data storage or the ability to link to a computer.  They can also compile minimum, maximum, and average readings.

How air quality meters work

Air is drawn into the air quality meter and past various sensors.  These sensors test the air for airborne particles (examples: pollen, mold, bacteria), oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature, humidity, and many other factors.  The two most common sensors types are electrochemical and infrared sensors.  Electrochemical sensors are used to test for oxygen and carbon monoxide; the sensor turns the gas into an electric current for measurement.  Infrared sensors send an infrared beam through the gas.

About air quality meters

Air quality meters are used to test the air both indoors and outdoors.  Outdoor air quality is tested for air pollution.  Indoor air quality is tested to ensure the comfort and health of the people living and working in the space by controlling the temperature, humidity, and airborne allergens present.

Air Quality Meter Applications

  • Businesses/Offices
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Engineering
  • Laboratory
  • Household

Air Quality Meter Manufacturers

  • Aeroqual
  • Amprobe
  • Davis Instruments
  • Extech
  • Fluke

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