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Air Flow Meter rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a air flow meter
As the name suggests, an air flow meter is a type of instrument that measures the flow of air as it passes through a tube or a pipe. It will measure the mass of the air that flows through the device, but it does not measure the volume of the air that goes through the tube. These are very common in industrial environments, as they can be helpful in a variety of manufacturing processes. They are capable of measuring ambient air, forced air, and compressed air. They are also helpful in mining environments, nuclear facilities, and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.
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BIOS DryCal DC-Lite Calibrator

The DryCal DC-Lite is a field-portable primary flow calibrator used for industrial hygiene, environmental, and laboratory flow measurement applications. Using patented, near-frictionless dry piston te ...
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Sensidyne Gilian Challenger Air Flow Calibrator

Introducing The Challenger® air flow calibrator for verifying and calibrating Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling Instruments and other air sampling devices. The Challenger is accurate withi ...
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Bios Defender Calibrator

Defender  calibrators are true primary flow meters and immune to flow source pulsation without the need for in-line dampers.  The Defender Series is more accurate and more repeatable than th ...
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Features of air flow meters

There are many different types of flow meter on the market, so you will need to be certain you are getting one that is able to measure the air flow rather than liquid. Consider the type of air that will be flowing through the device as well. Will it be clean or contaminated? Some of the meters on the market are only for measuring clean air flow, for example. As with other types of meters, you also have to consider the flow rate and psi you will need to monitor and measure.

Think about all aspects of the application to ensure you get the right air flow meter for the job. Also consider the ease of use and the personnel who will be using the meter.

How air flow meters work

The meter, which is a type of mass air flow sensor, will convert the amount of air that is going through the tube into a voltage signal. The meter will then provide a readout of the air flow through the device or tube, so you can be sure everything is in order and to make adjustments if needed.

Some of the flow meters are in-line, meaning they are placed into the line permanently, so you can continue to monitor the flow of air. Others are portable devices. In addition, some of the meters are able to measure other types of gasses as well.

About air flow meters


Air Flow Meter Manufacturers

Some of the manufacturers offering these devices include King, Krohne, Rosemount, Alicat Scientific, and GE.

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