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Data Acquisition Unit rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a data acquisition unit
Gather information about your computer and the physical phenomenon you want to study before renting a DAQ unit.  You will be able to use this information to work with a supplier and determine the sensors and DAQ device that will optimize your data acquisition process.  Some DAQ units have the ability to read one analog signal and others are capable of working with multiple conversions simultaneously.  The application software you rent or lease will be determined by what you would like to do with your data once it has been collected and converted by the DAQ device.
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Fisher-Rosemount 475 Hart/Fieldbus Communicator

The 475 Field Communicator delivers: Full-color graphical interface Long-lasting Lithium-Ion power module for days – not hours – of battery life Quick boot up and fast operating ti ...
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Crystal N-Vision Data Logger

Accurate enough to replace a deadweight tester Rugged enough to sit in 3 feet of water Portable enough to complete calibrations anywhere Gauge / Absolute Pressure Data ...
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Crystal XP2-Logger Pressure Gauge, Datalogging

DISPLAY: 5 Full (seven segment) digits Internal resolution always exceeds displayed resolution Display rate: 3 readings per second Numeral Display height: 16.5mm (0.65″) single line display1 ...
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Graphtec GL-800 Multi-channel Datalogger

The GL800 is a compact data logger, with an A5 footprint, providing excellent portability. All channels are isolated channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground. It has the ability to perform simultaneou ...
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Graphtec GL-900 8 Channel Datalogger

Main Features GL900 has a 5.7" color LCD display Built-in Ethernet 100Tx and USB 2.0 interfaces Accepts voltages, thermocouples and humidity 8 channels Voltage input levels: 20mV to 5 ...
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Extech 401036 Light Meter, Datalogger

Datalogging Light Meter with Internal memory that stores up to 16,000 readings Features: Large 3-1/2 Digit (1999 count) multi-function LCD Selectable units of Foot Candles or Lux Four measu ...
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Delta Instruments SADP-GY-IS Dew Point Meter

Features: Various ranges between -1100C to + 200C dewpoint Automatic calibration (AutoCal) Rechargeable battery - Over 270 hours of continuous operation on full charge User selectable units ...
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Panametrics PM880 Dew Point Meter c/w Moisture Probe

The PM880 moisture analyzer is a complete, portable hygrometer for measuring the moisture/humidity content of industrial gases and liquids. With the combined experience and expertise of the former Pan ...
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Fourier EC750 Temperature/Humidity Datalogger

This product is fully featured, enabling its use in a wide range of applications including pharmaceutical; food production and storage; transportation; museums, clean rooms and HVAC, to name a few. ...
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Fisher-Rosemount 375 Hart/Fieldbus Communicator

The HART 375 Field Communicator runs on Windows CE, a robust, real-time, operating system. The display uses transflective technology, making it easy to read in both bright sunlight and in normal light ...
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Fourier EC700 Datalogger

This product is fully featured, enabling its use in a wide range of applications including pharmaceutical; food production and storage; transportation; museums, clean rooms and HVAC, to name a few. ...
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Digi-Sense 60010-85 Datalogger

Features: Log up to 1000 readings in real time  Transfer data to an infrared printer or computer via the optional infrared RS-232 adapter  Displays temperatures in degree F or C  ...
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Features of data acquisition units

There are three major components to operating DAQ units: the sensors, the DAQ device, and a computer.  Many units come with both built in sensors and input/output jacks for you to attach your own sensors.  The DAQ device, where data conversion takes place, has three parts.  The first is a signal conditioner, which takes the analog signal from your sensors and prepares it for the ADC; this may involve amplification, filtration, or other processes.  The second part of the DAQ device is the ADC; this changes the analog data to digital data.  The final component of the DAQ device is a computer bus, the connection between the device and your computer.  DAQ units are available with a variety of computer bus options including USB, PCI, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.  DAQ units do not come with a computer, so you will need to supply your own.  Application software is frequently available with the DAQ device.  Some application software comes pre-programmed to analyze data, but most are programmable to your needs.  Your KWIPPED network supplier will assist you in working with your application software and other DAQ unit needs.

How data acquisition units work

DAQ units use sensors to receive data from physical conditions and convert the data into electric signals.  The DAQ device conditions the electric signals in preparation for conversion in its analog-to-digital converter (ADC).  Once the data has been converted to digital format it is sent via a computer bus to your computer.  Pre-programmed and programmable application software is available for you to manipulate your data on your computer.

About data acquisition units

Data acquisition units are used to turn measurements of physical phenomena into digital values that are then manipulated with a computer.  Other names for data acquisition units are DAS (data acquisition system), DAQ, and DAQ device.  DAQ devices are used to gather information for testing, research, and data analysis purposes.

Data Acquisition Unit Applications

  • Testing
  • Research
  • Data logging
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology

Data Acquisition Unit Manufacturers

  • AD Instruments
  • GE
  • HBM
  • Hioki
  • Keithley
  • National Instruments
  • Yokogawa

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