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Drill Safety Clamp rentals

Considerations when renting a drill safety clamp

With several different types of drill safety clamps available, you need to first consider which one of the clamps is best suited to your rig and needs, whether it is the T, C, or multipurpose clamp. In addition, you may find that you need to have several of these devices if you happen to have a large drilling project.

Think about the size of the pipes you will be using, as well. Different clamps will have different numbers of links. Find those that will be appropriate to the size pipes you are going to be using them with. Keep in mind that it is possible to remove or add links to the clamps, so they can handle a range of pipe sizes. As with other types of equipment and devices associated with drilling, the clamps should only be used by those who understand how to properly and safely use them.

Features of drill safety clamps

Several types of drill safety clamps are available today. They include the Type “T”, Type “C”, and the Multipurpose safety clamps. The T clamps will work best for the pipes that have a smaller dimension to them, while the C drill safety clamps work best for drill collars and casings. The multipurpose clamps can be helpful in a range of scenarios.

About drill safety clamps

​A drill safety clamp is a vital part of a rig floor. It will help to protect against dropping various items, such as drill collars or flush joint pipes into the hole. Clamps are generally made from high-quality steel, which can stand up to repeated use and the amount of work that they handle.

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