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Compact Drill Rig rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a compact drill rig
When choosing a drill rig rental you need to match the drill rig to your projects requirements. For example, are there headroom restrictions on your drill site? If so, what are the dimensions of the drill rig, will it fit in the available headroom? Are you drilling underground? If so, do you need a separate power unit that can be placed above ground or away from the driller? What is your project’s application? Include these considerations in your quote requests to help source the best equipment for your projects.

Most drill rigs are capable of multiple drilling methods, for example, a ‘geothermal’ drill may be able to run a down-the-hole (DTH) hammer or augers with an inexpensive cross-over adaptor. While a specific application may be listed in the drill rig description, many rigs are capable of more than what it is listed for.

Consider what other type of equipment you might need to rent or lease at the same time, whether it is a grout pump or a power unit. Ensure that all the equipment you rent will integrate together and operate effectively for your project. 
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K40 Limited Access Drilling Rig

LOW HEADROOM DRILL RIG RENTAL The Short Mast K40 is a high torque rotary drilling rig with adjustable crawler tracks and remote power unit. The power unit is capable of being placed over 200ft from t ...
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K40 Geothermal & Micro Piling Drilling Rig

K40 Limited Access Drilling Rig for Geothermal, Micro Piling, Geotechnical and Foundation Drilling. The Long Mast K40 rental rig is a high torque rotary drilling rig with adjustable crawler tracks ...
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Features of compact drill rigs

Many different sorts of drill rigs are readily available, and they come in many sizes. Some of the units have tracks, which make them easily maneuverable, while others are on skids and will stay in place. Still others will work best when they are situated on a platform. The best option will depend on the type of work you are doing and the location.


About compact drill rigs

The drilling rig rentals are suitable for multiple industries, projects and applications. Drill rigs are available for limited and restricted access drilling, low headroom sites, residential, commercial and specialty drilling projects. So ensure you include the details of your project in your quote requests.
Equipment and operational safety should also be taken into consideration. Whenever operating one of these machines, you should make sure that you first take the time to familiarize yourself with all the controls and safety procedures before you get started. 


Compact Drill Rig Manufacturers

Some of the manufacturers who build these compact drill rigs are HAMMER DRILLING RIGS, Diedrich, CME, Geoprobe, Boart Longyear and FECON. With many drill rig options available, you can find something that will work well for your next drilling project.

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