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Features of x-ray imaging equipments

Proper x-ray imaging equipment uses a small microprocessor to control the module, which dentists and assistants can access in order to determine the amount of exposure, film type, speed, and more. Successful x-ray procedures use a special kind of exposure switch, which controls how long the patient is exposed to x-rays. Typically, it is a matter of nanoseconds. The ready switch is a digital switch that is usually installed on the wall outside of the x-ray imaging room. Exposure time can last between .02 and 3.2 seconds, depending on the type of tooth and area of the skull being imaged. Other features of x-ray imaging equipment include:
  • A small focal spot for control
  • Control panel, which is installed on the wall of the imaging room
  • A long cone for processing, typically 8” or 12”
  • Wall plate for mounting the X-ray
  • ETL classified equipment
  • A wire remote switch, operating off of a coil
  • Horizontal arms to adjust the position and angle of the imaging equipment, typically adjusted for patients of all heights and sizes

How x-ray imaging equipments work

X-ray imaging equipment uses a combination of technology and ergonomic design to maintain the safety and comfort of the patient. The equipment uses a pair of electrode-conducting devices inside of a tube, which is then directed at the part of the body that the dentist wants to image. A positively-charged anode brings electrons into the tube, and it only takes a matter of nanoseconds to achieve this. Any longer and the patient risks exposure to too much radiation. The resulting image that is printed is typically like a film negative, in which light will expose the areas captured by the x-ray. 

About x-ray imaging equipments

Extensive research and development has been made in order to protect the patient’s safety, as well as the safety and ease of the operators controlling the devices. This technology is advanced enough to be able to read x-ray images without exposing the patient to too much radiation. The digital switch allows the assistant to control the intensity and duration of the x-ray beam, which is often determined by the type of tooth or area of the skull that needs attention. X-ray imaging machines are successful in helping the dentist see the results of the mouth without exposing the patient to too high of a dose. 

X-Ray Imaging Equipment Manufacturers

  • Aribex, Inc.
  • Belmont
  • Gendex Dental Systems
  • Instrumentarium Dental
  • Planmeca USA
  • Progeny Dental

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