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Considerations when renting a smart board

Before requesting a quote from the KWIPPED supplier network for a Smart Board, you will first want to think about the size that you need. Just how large of a space will you have, and how large will the board really need to be in order to provide you with the best possible presentation? In addition, you should consider the application when choosing the right board to rent. Another consideration is whether you want to go wired or wireless with the board.

Features of smart boards

smart board rentalThe Smart Board is the next evolution of the whiteboard, and it is full of features. Since you will be able to write on the board with a Smart Pen, it comes with a pen tray attachment, along with several of these specialized pens. It even comes with an eraser for the board. The tools are very simple to use, and you will find that you can choose from wired or wireless versions based on your particular need. The board comes with Smart Notebook software. With this software, the users are able to create virtual notebooks, which they can then edit or even project with the board when needed. Other software products are available from Smart Technologies as well.

How smart boards work

smart board rentalThe Smart Board makes use of DViT, or Digital Vision Touch, technology. This detects interactions with the board’s surface. The user can use a specialized pen, or even their finger, to write on and interact with the board. There is no actual technology in the pens – they are passive tools. It is the camera and the other elements in the board that make the pen, or your finger, “write” on it. Because it replaces the whiteboard essentially, you will be able to use these boards in much the same way. However, because they are able to provide the user with more options, they become infinitely more useful.

About smart boards

Smart Boards, developed by Smart Technologies in Canada, are essentially interactive whiteboards. The board is one part of a complex system that includes a projector, computer, and Smart notebook software. All of these different elements need to work in conjunction with one another for the Smart Board to work properly. When they do, they are a powerful and interesting tool that is beneficial for teachers, businesses, and much more

Smart Board Applications

An interactive whiteboard used to present information in an engaging way. 
  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Classroom
  • Corporate

Smart Board Manufacturers

  • Polyvision
  • Panasonic

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