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Parabolic Microphone rentals

Considerations when renting a parabolic microphone

Whenever you are renting a microphone, you need to make sure that you are getting the right piece of equipment for your recording needs. A parabolic microphone tends to have very specific uses, so make sure the one you choose can meet those needs. These microphones tend to be very expensive, so choosing a rental or lease option is often a good idea. You may want to rent or lease or buy your own headphones to use with the parabolic microphone as well if they do not come with the system.

Features of parabolic microphones

A parabolic microphone features the actual microphone, the parabolic dish, a handle, and a cord that connects to a recording device. Many users will also want to use headphones with the system, as it helps them to hear the sounds they are recording in real time.

How parabolic microphones work

A parabolic microphone utilizes the collection of parallel waves collected and directed to a single point, the receiver in this case. The receiver is at the center of the handheld dish, and the dish itself helps to collect those sound waves. The collection of these waves makes the sound easier to hear, even if the sounds are initially weak or at a great distance. It is a normal microphone, but it's the collector that really helps to set it apart and allows it to amplify the sound.

About parabolic microphones

A parabolic microphone utilizes a parabolic reflector as a means to collect and focus a sound source. One of the great benefits of this type of microphone is the fact that it can pick up sound sources that are quite distant. It's a directional type of microphone that features a handheld "dish", which is also called a parabolic reflector. When using the dish, it is possible to focus on specific sound sources, and to block out or at least minimize other unwanted sounds. These are useful for performing surveillance, as well as for recording the sounds of animals.

Parabolic Microphone Applications

  • Sports sound recording
  • Wildlife recording
  • Private investigation work, law enforcement, surveillance
  • Live music recording

Parabolic Microphone Manufacturers

  • Telinga
  • Spectradome
  • Wildtronics

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