You need specialty equipment but purchasing it outright is not an option…

How many calls and searches will you have to make to find the equipment you need? How long will you have to wait for rental and leasing quotes to come back? How much confidence will you have in the equipment quality?

Now there's a smarter way to rent or lease the equipment you need.

Tell KWIPPED what you need

Instantly reserve RentNow inventory or receive rental and/or leasing quotes from our network of equipment suppliers and leasing companies.

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That’s it – you’re KWIPPED

KWIPPED is a free service that puts everything you need to source and rent or lease specialized equipment right at your fingertips:

  • Locate and discover specialized equipment by name or application
  • Receive quotes from a global network of suppliers quickly and efficiently
  • Automate sourcing and logistics with maximum efficiency and minimum hassle
  • Be assured quality equipment will arrive on time from a KWIPPED certified supplier

Start your equipment rental now:

"We rented a piece of equipment from KWIPPED and the experience was flawless!" - John Barbieri of Freeze Frame, LLC
"KWIPPED provides a smooth equipment rental experience coupled with proactive customer service. But more importantly, they were able to fulfill my request for a newer model that met all of my specifications." - Kyle Smith, Yale University
"When we found out renovations were going to disrupt our onsite pharmacy, we knew we were going to need some replacement fume hoods, and we had to act fast. We thought we may have to spend $40,000 - $50,000 to buy them, but KWIPPED enabled us to rent them and save tens of thousands of dollars."
- Andy Hunt, Supply Chain Contractor for University of Chicago
"For anyone running clinical trials, KWIPPED is fantastic! We have very complex and specific equipment needs in a variety of trial site locations and KWIPPED's online platform is the perfect solution. The ability to compare options from multiple suppliers on one site, the ease of use, and the time savings are simply incredible."
- Bill Amerine, Senior Director of Clinical Operations