How to Utilize the Sharing Economy for Your Next Film


Rachel Botsman, a thought-leader in sharing and collaborative economies, describes the sharing economy as an economic movement, which harnesses “the power of technology to unlock the social, economic and environmental value of underutilized assets.”

The advancement of technology has unlocked resources by empowering individuals or businesses to share idle goods or services with each other. Almost every industry has been impacted by the sharing economy—including filmmaking. Today, there are a number of collaborative online services that offer valuable resources to filmmakers!

Here are 7 super sites to ensure an efficient film project:



TaskRabbit logoNeed a personal assistant for a short period of time? Regardless of whether your project is local or in another city, TaskRabbit allows you to hire a “tasker” to help you make the most of your project by taking care of administrative duties like dropping off scripts, acquiring and directing extras, contacting vendors, and more. On the plus side, you can also ask them to do personal tasks (pick the kids up, take the dog out, etc.) that might get in the way of your film project. Having an extra person by your side can make a big difference and enable you to stay focused on your film project!


vifluxViflux is a website designed to help filmmakers collaborate on projects. The platform is a social media-like tool that enables fluid connectivity between professionals within the film and AV industries. Users can search multiple industry categories to find workers based on specific skills they need for their project. Filmmakers can also create a custom portfolio to show off their work! Viflux is super useful for both real-life and digital collaboration.


slated logo
Slated describes themselves as a film industry marketplace. While it may sound similar to and share some overlapping service features with Viflux, the two platforms are actually quite different. Slated “enables introductions” between industry professionals who have access to financing, projects, talent and other relevant resources. Consider it a LinkedIn for the film world. Slated is great for getting in touch with people who have extensive industry experience and knowledge if you’re just starting out!


KWIPPED Press ReleaseKWIPPED is an online marketplace for all types of equipment rentals, including film and A/V equipment. Filmmaking requires all kinds of equipment—safety equipment, video cameras, lighting equipment, trucks,  and even props – and sometimes you may not need or want to purchase expensive equipment, especially if you’re shooting a niche or one-time project. Because KWIPPED compiles equipment from multiple suppliers, you get to pick the pieces that are the best for your needs, budget, and timeline. KWIPPED makes it easy for filmmakers to find specialized equipment, compare prices side-by-side and rent what you need from a global network of certified suppliers!


peerby logo

For last minute items you might need on the job, try Peerby. Peerby is a peer-to-peer platform that allows you to borrow an item(s) from a network of local members. You can borrow just about anything, from power tools to a bicycle, through the app. The platform allows you to request, schedule, and pick up last minute items that you might need for your film project, whether it’s on the production side of things or it’s a prop. The app is available for download on iTunes and Google Play.


thredupNeed to make some extra cash to finance your next project? Do you (or your costume designer) need to find threads for your next film’s characters? ThredUP might be your answer. The platform allows you to buy and sell gently used clothing items with other people on the web! However, it is important to note that ThredUP buys and sells clothing for children or women only, so you might need to look elsewhere for men’s costumes or clothing. Poshmark has a similar model to ThredUp, and they also accept men’s clothing and and accessories.


sharedesk logoYou might spend a lot of time on set, but if you need meeting space for your crew, extras, or even your production team, ShareDesk is your solution. ShareDesk allows you to rent meeting spaces, office spaces, or even board rooms for your next meeting or if you just want a professional space to chill in. Simply navigate to their website, search the site for potential meeting venues, then confirm your booking. Only need a desk for a day? No problem! has daily rental rates as well as weekly and monthly rates. You could even use it to rent out a film location if your film requires an office or professional setting!


No matter how big or small your next film project is, it’s always helpful to have technology on your side! These tech tools will help you save time, money, and even valuable resources on your next film project. Did we miss your favorite site? Let us know in the comments which site you think is the most helpful for your film!


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