Lights, cameras, action: 3 Innovative Filmmaking Tools you Don’t Want to Miss



LUUP is a new, free filmmaking app for iPhone. If you’re a new filmmaker, LUUP is a great way to dig in and start producing short films almost immediately. Most of us are familiar with great photography apps such as Instagram, but short movie apps are hard to come by—until now.

LUUP has strategically partnered with Espoo Ciné festival happening this week (21st-30th). They’re offering free tickets to participants who shoot “luups” to the festivals themes and the Espoo Ciné soundtrack, and then share them on social networks.

– Shoot and share HD video footage
– Add soundtracks
– Shoot four scenes
– Access free and paid music for your movies
– Add filters to your shots
– Create beautiful loops – including GIFs!



phantom 3 standard DJI Phantom 3 – Standard

Phantom 3 Standard Drone was recently released at the beginning of this month. DJI is no stranger to the drone market—they’ve released precursors to the Standard model including Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced. The difference between the previous drones and the Standard is automation. If you’re a new filmmaker worried about crashing your drone, or having to spend hours learning how to fly, the Phantom 3 Standard is a good choice.

The new design is geared towards “drone-beginners.” It includes a variety of flight functions that make cinematic shots much easier to capture. DJI has placed much attention on stability, flight, and imaging. The retail price, $799, is reasonable for those curious in trying out aerial imaging.

– GPS-based stabilization
– Flight times up to 25 minutes
– Integrated WiFi range extender
– “Follow me” –the controller can seamlessly have the drone follow them based on orientation
– Point of interest: Lets users define an object for the drone to fly around
– Waypoint navigation – allows users to set multiple points along a route for automatic flying
– Record up to 2.7k HD video at 30fps using a 94 degree distortion-free lens
– Still captured at 12MP in DNG raw and jpg formats


Up-and-Coming: Sphericam 2

kwipped spericamInterested in virtual reality for filmmaking? This tiny virtual reality camera is quite amazing. It features 360-degree filming, integrated lens, and powerful streaming capabilities. The good news is that the Sphericam team recently met their Kickstarter goal to develop this amazing camera.Those who backed the camera early on (based on the tier of money they gave), will receive the camera. By the year‘s end you can expect this camera to be on market for around $1,300 US dollars.

Stay tuned to their website for updates. The founder of Spericam, Jeffrey Martin, is a VR camera veteran, having been active in 360VR technology development since 2004. Though VR cameras have been on the market the few past years, the new Sphericam 2 makes a prosumer-friendly 360-degree capture device that “anyone can operate with options for high-level production and streaming.”

– Spherical resolution: 4096 X 2048
– Frames per sec options: 30/60
– Live streaming at 30fps
– Internal GPS sensor
– Motion and Orientation Sensor
– Micro SD Chip slots
– Operation Controls through a connected applications
– Mounting – 8 mounting holes

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