News, stories and tidbits from the equipment rental marketplace

The Sounds of Startup Success

This post is more fun to read when you listen to the audio, so set your volume or use headphones accordingly. Let’s rock… Our tech startup works in a one room, open office environment, where we can all see and hear…[Read More]

Healthy Hiring (of Equipment)

Our CMO, Robin Salter, had the privilege of co-authoring (along with Valere Horath, CEO of Quipment) this compelling article exploring best practices for procuring equipment for clinical trials. Read the article by clicking on the title here: Healthy Hiring To check out the contents…[Read More]

Honoring Some Unsung Heroes

There are some hidden heroes that have accomplished amazing things and literally transformed our world. But they rarely receive the recognition and credit they deserve…until now.  Read about these heroes here: Honoring Some Unsung Heroes

Boss vs Leader: 25 Major Differences

Our CMO offered up some thoughts about the difference between a Boss and a Leader in an article published by Read the article here